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Here at the EGP merch store you can find many ways to encourage others to “Encounter God’s Presence”. You’ll find over 30 different EGP shirts & hoodies, beanies, EGP armbands & EGP stickers.

NOTE: We have sold a lot merch at recent events so we have limited selection of sizes. Inventory on here has not been updated lately so you will need to contact us about possible sizes before you place an order.

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NOTE: Below is some our older merch, we have some sizes but need to make sure by contacting us first please. 

EGP Camp 2019 – buy all the digital downloads for only $30 here…




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See more merch below…

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bEGP Merch sales shirts & hoodies !!!


Order your own digital downloads of all the main sessions of camp and workshops in the main auditorium (link below).

Relive what God did at Encounter God’s Presence camp 2017. Order your own digital downloads & get all the main camp sessions, worship times, ministry, prophetic word session, GF Soldier’s spoken words, break dancing, The Cross Heirs, Transform DJs dance party and much more.



Buy 2017 EGP camp footage…

Click “Buy Now” to purchase.

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Buy last year’s 2016 EGP camp footage…

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Buy footage from the 2017 Servant Leadership Retreat for only $12. The link will be emailed to you to have a variety of digital video footage. Clips will include the prophetic words from Paul & Yuri Huntington and Jeff & MK Chapman, sessions of Dr. Robb Brewer, Jason Williams & Shannon Pickard & times of worship with Heidi Williams & EGP worship band.

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Retreat overview video (here)


“Body Piercing” – black color shirt (black or tan shirt)

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“Body Piercing” – TAN color shirt



EGP logo – pink

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EGP logo – sapphire blue shirt


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EGP logo – black shirt

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EGP logo – purple

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“Draw Near” (black or tan shirt)

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.52.40 PM Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.23.27 PM




“Draw Near” tan color shirt




EGP Grey shirt

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EGP White shirt


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Beanie – color / size

EGP brown shirt

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EGP armbands


Variety of jewelry will be posted soon to order.

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EGP Cinch Packs  (13 1/2   by  17 1/2 inches)

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EGP Sticker

Encounter stickers




Variety of jewelry will be posted soon to order.

Sorry but Hoodies are SOLD OUT ’till June 2017.

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