Fundraiser ideas

Fundraising ideas to raise $$$ for Encounter camp & EGP mission trips

Share your ideas with us please. (We’ll add more as we get them.)


Sell Gift Cards – Companies will sell you discounted cards, you sell them to your church people, friends & family for regular price but you make profit on the difference. If you have the funds to order some popular ones in advance it’s easier to sell people gift cards you have right than otherwise they have to order and then pick them up the next week or two depending on mailing option. See info at



This site has some ideas…


Make crafts like wooden crosses, wreaths or a variety things for donations. Heidi has found many ideas w/ instructions on how on the Pinterest website. Post them on social media and local online selling spots. Maybe even look into selling them on the side of the road or at a Trade Days near you. Heidi’s dad displays one on his desk at work with an order form next to it. (I’ll attached some pics below.)


Drive for money

Make $10-$25 an hour plus get a $50 – $300 bonus depending on current offers.

For those at least 21 years old and have a 2003 or newer car, you can sign up to drive people around in your spare time, I have referral codes that would get you an extra  bonus, they fluctuate like $50 to $100 bonus for Uber recently and than Lyft has been varying from $50 to $300. (Cities & states may vary. I would get a bonus too, so it’s a win/win deal.) It’s extremely flexible with anyone’s schedule.

Uber and Lyft details  (Note – Totals and bonuses are different for each city and the fluctuate all the time.)

Go Fund Me – set up online way for people to give online.


Car washes – there are some different places like fast food places and stores near high-traffic areas that allow you to use their property and water if you ask.


Bake Sales – before and after your church services or community events


Here’s My Dollar – Dollar Fundraiser sample Ask friends, family or random people to sign a spot that applies to them & donate a dollar to help you go to camp or the mission’s trip. For example, They could choose & sign in the box that has “I love God so here’s my dollar” or “I don’t know where Belize is but here’s my dollar”. This is more fun than just bluntly asking someone for a dollar.


Valentine’s, Easter & Mother’s Day services – Sell & deliver flowers or little treats for people’s donations.





Share your ideas with us please.


Below are some pic ideas for crafts…


Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 6.06.25 PM  Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 6.06.40 PM