Mission Houston (Wharton/Hungerford) – EGP Weekend

Let us know if you or your church group is interested in being a part of this. Adults & young adults are invited to fill out an application & the other paperwork. Youth groups w/ youth pastors can join up. (Any teenager would need to have at least one adult leader coming with them.)

We’re taking a Mission Houston trip to Wharton/ Hungerford to help serve & minister the people in those communities.

Next trip is Fri. Oct. 9th 10am – Sun. Oct. 11th 7pm. 

Contact us asap if you’re interested in this trip or putting a group together for another mission’s trip.

Youth missing school on Friday? Let us know if you need a letter to give to the school for missing on Friday due to a Christian mission’s trip.

NOTE: OpenDoor 412 youth – you may need to have a parent be a part of this trip depending on how many servant leaders (youth workers) are able to help. OpenDoor parents can bring their kids.


Contact us asap if you’re interested in being a part.

1st Step – Send Facebook message or email us that you’re interested in being a part of the mission trip team at EncounterGodsPresence@gmail.com 

2nd Step – Turn in registration form 2019 with non-refundable $50 deposit by Wed. Aug. 28th. (If application is not approved, deposit will be returned). You can pay online or mail a check if time allows (made out to “EGP”). Next is the $75 payment due by Wed. Sept. 18th, $25 late fee if after Wed. Sept. 25th, another $25 late fee if after Wed. Oct. 2nd

Be praying for yours and other team member’s needed funds.

3rd Step – Unless you’re a return mission trip team member or you’re very involved as an EGP volunteer, you need to print and fill out an application and have others fill out the Christian Character Evaluation.

4th Step –  You will then send in a copy by scanning or taking a picture of a filled out…  “A Little About You – ways to help.”


What to Bring List (click here) 

Work project requires – Wharton – Volunteer Application

Work project requires – Wharton – Volunteer Release Form

Schedule (below)

Directions (below)


How much is the mission trip? 

(Ways to pay are below after the schedule.)

Want to donate to help sponsor someone? Go down to “Donate” button. 

For our Oct. 2019 trip, each person pays $125. You’ll get transportation, 2 nights lodging at the dorms & than 6 meals. (Bring $ for 2 travel meals & snacks.)

$50 deposit non-refundable due Wed. Aug. 28th

$75 payment non-refundable due Wed. Sept. 18th

Add $25 Late Fee if after Wed. Sept. 25th

Add another $25 Late Fee if after Wed. Oct. 2nd (making it $50 extra)

Those already in the area meeting up with us, the cost is only $80.

(Ways to pay are below after the schedule.)


Past videos…



Below you can see promo videos for our past trips.


Oct. 2019 note – Males can sleep on cots or mattress on the floor. They beds for males are been used by the residents in the other dorm.
Females have plenty of beds.


(Also we’re doing a Mission Trip to Jamaica next summer, need adults and youth regardless of your “skill set” to help. More details soon. Click here for info,)

Get the similar details for this upcoming trip from below recent promo videos for the past trip.

(Below is a video we took there earlier this year.)

–  –   –   –   –   –  –  –   –   –   –   –  –  –   –   –   –   –  –  –   –   –   –   –  –  –   –   –   –   –  –  –   –   –   –   –


Help Houston !!!

Go Serve or Send Funds!

Encounter God’s Presence ministry is gathering a team to go down again to help those in the Houston area, in the town of Wharton/ Hungerford.

We’ll be giving practical physical help along with putting on a E.G.P. youth rally to encourage the teenagers there on Sat. night and than leading a Sun. morning service (worship & multi-media message) for a local body of believers.

If you would like to volunteer to help or give (tax-deductible) towards our mission trip there please send us a Facebook Message or email for more details.

If you can’t get away yourself but can help sponsor someone who can but just needs help financially please send us a Facebook Message or email.

Again to volunteer to help or give towards our mission trip there please send us a Private Message for more details.

Please be praying for all of those affected by wants happened and what may continue this next week.

For His glory,

Jason & Heidi Williams



Here’s more details…


We will want to be prayed up so we can truly impact these people with the truth and love of Jesus.


Individuals/ married adults or youth groups with youth pastor/ adult leader can be a part of this. If you’re not a regular with E.G.P. (& we don’t know you really well) you need to fill out an application and possible background checks, character references, etc.

Most of the team will be staying the 2 nights at Straightway’s “Restoration City” dorms at LifeWay’s Church property and there will be 6 meals provided there. Starting with Fri. dinner, than Sat. breakfast, lunch & dinner, and Sun. breakfast & lunch. Need to have money for fast food travel meals for Fri. lunch and than Sun. dinner.


From South Ft. Worth, it’s about 4 1/2 hour drive time plus any pit stops (& any roads being closed).




What to Bring List (click here) 

What to bring –

__ Bible

__ money for travel meals & snacks (gas money if carpooling)

__ snacks (& Gatorades, small ice chests if you like)

__ cell phone charger

__ bedding (twin size for bunk bed)

__ pillow 

__ towels

__ toiletries

__ earplugs (may be snorers in the dorm, fan for noise) 

__ few days of casual modest clothes

__ 2 days of shirts, pants or modest shorts to paint/work in (may get ruined)

__ OFF Deep Woods insect repellant 

__ Mosquito repellent wristbands (at 5Below or Walmart) more info

__ sunscreen

__ hat & sunglasses if desired

__ work gloves

__ Shoes or boots to work in

__ flashlight

__ EGP shirt (if you have any color) for Sat. night

__ nice clothes for Sun. am church


Only if trip is designated as a “Gutting homes projects” then also these…

__  any extra tools like shovels, hammers, crowbars, screwdrivers, screws, knives for cutting carpet and sheetrock, saws & even chainsaws, brooms (will be ruined), could use one wheel barrel

NOTE – for Sat. morning, we’ll get N95 masks to protect are breathing, they are up to OCHA standards. (You can get a N100 mask or P100 Respirator at Walmart or Lowe’s for like $10 if you want.)

We do not plan to walk through any water although your work clothes will get wet and muddy. Please bring some extras trash bags to put used work clothes.




Tentative Schedule for Oct. 2019 …



At this time, there should be room for transportation for everyone. The caravan meets at 10am at OpenDoor Church (near South Ft. Worth/Burleson area). If transportation fills up and you’re riding with someone else, you may need to chip in for round trip gas.)


Lunch – fast food on the way (have own money). Extra money for whenever we get to good ole’ Buc-ee’s is recommended also.

Head straight to Revive for outdoor outreach in SouthWest side of Houston. Pass out flyers, set up sound equipment, worship, feed spaghetti dinner, mini-message, testimonies, words, prayer, etc. 

Dinner – (eat at Revive) Outreach event at Revive Church 

Head to unload at StraightWay’s “Restoration City”.


—-   ——   ——-   ——–



Breakfast at 8am (eat at Restoration Church a.k.a. LifeWay) Don’t be late or you miss the grub.

8:30am Shower and get ready to serve.

9am Work projects in Wharton & Hungerford (some at StraightWay’s “Restoration City”).

Lunch at 12pm (eat on worksite in Wharton / others at LifeWay)

Possible work at StraightWay’s “Restoration City”.

3:30pm Rally team & band begin set up – put up banners and merch table, band set up & sound check

4pm – Workers can shower & get changed

Then some can play basketball & games with any teens & kids in the GYM.


Dinner at 5:30pm (eat at LifeWay)


6:30-8:30pm – youth rally


Work merch table before and after rally.


—   ——   ——-   ——–


Breakfast at 7:30am (eat at LifeWay)

Shower and get ready for church at LifeWay

Clean up dorms & pack

Church 10:30am


Lunch after church maybe 1pm (eat at LifeWay)


Dinner – fast food on the way (have own money)


Return to South Ft. Worth / Burleson prob. 7pm


—- —– —— ——-


—- —– —— ——-



The “Restoration City” aka Straight Way Ministries is a Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for individuals and whole families that’s at LifeWay Church.
Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham has a ministry, Samaritan’s Purse helped give the rehab an extreme makeover.



***    ****    ****    ****  ****

$50 deposit non-refundable due Wed. Sept. 26th

$75 payment non-refundable due Wed. Oct. 4th

Add $25 Late Fee after Oct. 10th

Add $25 Late Fee after Oct. 17th

PayPal options (with the PayPal fees)

Click on little arrows below, choose your choice and than click on “Add to Cart”


Mission Houston payment options (click arrows)



If you’re with a group or coming on your own, you make payments directly to EGP. You can mail checks (address below) or online options are listed below. (Fastest options are Facebook Messenger and PayPal and bank transfer with checks being the slowest.)

1.  Mail checks to E.G.P. (if mailed 5 business days in advance) to…

Encounter God’s Presence   1169 N. Burleson Blvd.,   Suite 107 #316, Burleson, TX 76028


2. Direct bank transfer to E.G.P.’s bank account. 

Can set up on your online banking as “bill payment” if done 5 business days in advance.


3. PayPal options below. (Note – some have fees.)




StraightWay (“Restoration City”) / LifeWay Church in Hungerford, Texas (979) 532-1929  (979) 532-5372

(Directions can be a challenge, below are directions & some addresses, see which one gives ya the least amount of issues with whichever GPS you’re using.)
 —-     —-     —-    —-     —-     —- 
Farmer’s Market 1161 and County Road 218, Hungerford, Texas
  —-     —-     —-    —-     —-     —- 
Farm to Market Road 1161 West, Hungerford, Texas
  —-     —-     —-    —-     —-     —- 
218 Straightway Drive
East Bernard, TX 77435
  —-     —-     —-    —-     —-     —-
From Houston:
Take 59 South
all the way to the Hungerford Exit (about 45 miles)
Turn right on FM 1161 going West.
StraightWay is 1 mile down on the right hand side 

 ***  *****    *****    *****    ****   ****    ***  *****    *****    *****    ****   ****
 ***  *****    *****    *****    ****   ****    ***  *****    *****    *****    ****   ****



For our Mission Houston the Encounter God’s Presence team is going to need about 30 N95 masks, 30 pair of waterproof work gloves and many boxes of heavy duty trash bags. If you are able to purchase these or send money to help cover them please send us a PM.



*** ****    *****  ****  *****  *****

***** *****    *****  *****  ******

Past Mission Houston trip info below.


LifeWay Church is in Hungerford near Houston and they have special ministry called, StraightWay aka Restoration City. “StraightWay Training Center is a veritable “school of life,” where individuals can engraft basic life principles with the Word of God as the foundation and ultimate authority for the everyday realities of contemporary life. At StraightWay whole families and single individuals, including single parents, can enroll for residential training and rehabilitation for life. The holistic approach at StraightWay provides whole cure for the whole man—body, soul and spirit.”

 ***  *****    *****    *****    ****   ****    ***  *****    *****    *****    ****   ****

If you are looking for how much to donate to sponsor someone for an event, please click on either servant leadership retreat, summer camps,  Mission Houston, or Mission Trip to Jamaica for those details and than enter that amount when paying online or mailing a check. Thank you for helping.


.Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.03.22 PM

NO fees for you or Encounter IF you choose to send it through Paypal with money that’s in your PayPal account or your bank account. Click on this “NO fee” button, enter our email, EncounterGodsPresence@gmail.com, and donation amount and than continue on to choose “Friends or Family” and follow the instructions. (For monthly option, use red “Donate” button above.)


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.05.00 PM

This option has a fee to send money using a credit card or debit card. The fee in the U.S. is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you send. For example, if you send $100.00 USD by credit card, the fee would be $3.20 USD ($2.90 + $0.30).  (For monthly option, use red “Donate” button above.)


(PayPal states, “Here’s how this easier checkout works: 1. Customers enter their name and shipping address. 2. They’re prompted for their credit card, email address, and phone number. 3. (Optional) After reviewing their information, they may choose to save their information by creating a PayPal account to make future transactions faster.”) 


When signed into your PayPal account, you would click on the Send tab choose “Send money to friends and family”.  Than enter in the amount and the email address, EncounterGodsPresence@gmail.com that you’re sending it to. Click on the “Personal” tab and choose “Gift”. Paypal assures the full amount will be given to Encounter God’s Presence. They should send you an email receipt of your donation shortly. Below links have fees included or you can send money for free without fees in a Personal transfer when transferring from only a Bank account or a Paypal account transfer. (There’s fees taken out if using a bank debit card or a credit card.)


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Local outreaches through out the year. Check social media for updates.


Past Beautiful Feet outreach…

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 6.17.42 PM


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