Mission Trips to Jamaica

Past Jamaica mission trips were July 2019 & 2018.

EGP mission teams have been to Belize 2 summers, Jamaica 2 summers and now we’ll be flying for a Mission Trip to Yucatan, Mexico.



Promo video for Jamaica 2019…

Tentative schedule for July 2019 mission’s trip…

Here’s how the week may look.
1st day – Fly into Jamaica  / team worship meeting that night
2nd day – Orphanage / small group to Infirmary / supplies to those in need
3rd day – VBS at The Dump / Lead Encounter Night for youth & adults at a church
4th day – VBS #2 at The Dump /Lead Encounter Night for youth & adults at a church
5th day – Day to the waterfalls / Triple T (Time To Testify)
6th day – Day at the beach / Triple T (Time To Testify) 
7th day – Airport to fly out 

Cost? It really depends on your flight cost but overall total for the entire trip should be around $1,700 to $1,950. (See above poster or below listed costs for breakdown.)

Note – You’ll need money for about 9 out to eat meals.


So this will be our 2nd mission trip to Jamaica and we need adults and youth regardless of your “skill set” to help with all the different aspects of it.

You will have the opportunity to serve in many ways and minister in quality time to the great people of Jamaica.  There should be a chance to share your testimony or about something God has challenged or encouraged you in with the people. We’ll bring some supplies to give out to some that are really in need, hope to get to spend some time with some kids in an orphanage and do some VBS in The Dump for the kids. Along with some Encounter Nights with the youth and adults. And than we’ll wrap up the mission trip by enjoying God’s creation & some cool waterfalls along with time on the beach of Montego Bay, Jamaica with options to snorkel in the ocean with some beautiful fish.

This trip is for young adults, adults and youth groups.

We would love church youth groups to be a part of youth summer camp and also our mission trip. This takes believing for enough finances through prayer, fundraisers and maybe even sponsors from within your church and/or community to do both.

Group leaders request the Leader’s details packet and please help your group stay on the payment schedule and on time to the meetings.

Individual young adults and adults going on their own along with those coming with a church or ministry group should all pay & get their paperwork to EGP directly.

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STEPS to be a part…

1st Step – email us that you’re interested in being a part of the mission trip team at EncounterGodsPresence@gmail.com

Check & make sure that you are able to be at all 3 required night of PREP & Prayer Meetings near Ft. Worth, TX. The 3 meetings for July 2019 trip are Sat. June 1st 12:30-3pm, Sat. June 29th 6-8-pm and Sat. July 6th 6-8-pm. So that means, you need to get those dates off any jobs and make these meetings a priority. (Now if you’re not near and live like hours away or states away, we will work out something special for your training.) 

2nd Step – Turn in registration form with $100 non-refundable deposit due Thurs. Nov. 16th, 2018. (If application is not approved, deposit will be returned). You can pay online or mail a check. Pray for yours and other team member’s needed funds.


PASSPORTS – Passport can’t be expiring w/in 6 months of traveling dates so expiration must be Jan. 21st, 2020 or later. So check your passport dates now.

Need passport? Apply or get updated passport if needed.  It’s about $120 for minors (under 16) and for adults it ends up being like $170. (Details here)  Should apply for passport before as soon as possible, probably can’t book your flight until you have your passport. So the sooner the better. Most post offices can do it all. (If you’re a late addition & it’s getting close like a month weeks away, pay the extra $60 to expedite it & the shipping. Also options to make an appointment at Passport Agency at 1-877-487-2778.)

3rd Step – Unless you’re a return mission trip team member or you’re very involved as an EGP volunteer, individuals need to fill out an application (different than the registration form) and have 2 Christian leaders fill out the Christian Character Evaluation or leaders at your school/work fill out a General Character Evaluation regarding you (like teacher, coach, professor, the Dean or even your RA). If you’re joining us with your church group, ask your group leader if we are requiring this extra paperwork or not.


4th Step – Once approved, you should get your airline ticket. (Details below. Rates can go up without notice at the airlines.)

5th Step –  Then you’ll need to follow on the payment schedule and be a part of the 3 prep & prayer meetings. (If you are out of state, we will get you the needed paperwork from the meetings.) Everyone needs to turn in a copy of  “A Little About You – ways to help.” before that as soon as possible.

The CDC recommends getting a Hepatitis A shot but it is not mandatory. (Most didn’t last year.) They recommend to be current on Tetanus & routine vaccines.

Registration Form is for everyone to fill out, youth and adults.


PREP & Prayer meetings are for everyone going on the mission trip.  3 meetings near the Ft. Worth, TX area.

(Parents of teenagers going, are welcome to sit in on these training.)

Application Form is to work along side teenagers, if you have never filled one out with EGP before whether you’re a teenager or an adult. (This is in addition to the Registration Form.)


These next 2 are only for those that are new to EGP trips.

Need 2 evaluations, either 2 from church/ministry leaders to do Christian Character Evaluations or 2 from your school/college to do the General Character Evaluations. If you’re joining us with your church group, ask your group leader if we are requiring this extra paperwork on you or not.



Traveling & Packing List

Bring supplies to the Jamaican families in need.

School Supply List / Backpacks Needed



Lead them in worship, getting into the Bible and really seeking after God.


We’ll end our trip enjoying God’s creation!

What are the costs for the mission trip?

There is the flight you purchase on your own, the part you pay EGP and some things you pay there in Jamaica.

(Depending on when you buy your plane ticket, everything all together should run you about $1,700 to $1,950)

1. Again your flight cost depends on when you buy,  They have ranged anywhere from $700 to $950 or so. There’s an organization you can buy and get 3 checked baggages included. (Which is normally an extra charge of $30 for 1st bag, $40 for 2nd bag, and $150 for 3rd bag.) If you’re only doing one checked bag then AA website may be cheaper.

At the start of May last year the flights were like $750 and then June up and down up to $950.

New additions, you’ll prob. have to have your passport # & full name as it’s on there to book your flight.

2. You pay $750 to EGP.

3. Bring money for 1. Snorkeling Fun Day Trip – $50  2. Waterfall- $20. And also 9 out to eat meals like $120 (So all those things totals $190.)

4. May consider bringing money for souvenirs & misc. snacks too.



Anyone joining after July 1st as a “late addition” who hasn’t paid anything, pays an additional $100.


(Mini-Mission Trip to Houston next October 2019… Details here.)


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✞    ✞    ✞                         ✞    ✞    ✞                        ✞    ✞    ✞

Everyone is responsible to purchase their own airline tickets ideally by March 1st (don’t wait and run the risk of flight being sold out) & no flying “standby”. Prices may range anywhere from $700 to $950 or so depending on when you buy it.

You can purchase online with American Airlines (over phone $35 extra charge), with a travel company. (Note – 1st checked bag usually $30 & 2nd $40.)

Option to book through this company for 3 checked bags included FREE. Booking with that company – details.

We’ll be flying into and staying in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
See updated flights below.

No telling what prices will be this year. But last year’s tickets in April were about $720, May $750, June $950, July $925. Warning – That could mean nothing for this year’s rates or if they go up or down from different months, not to mention they could sell out! Don’t wait!

Anyone who is under 18 must have a Consent to Travel (click for instructions & details) that is signed by both parents and notarized, even if traveling with one parent, you still need to have this notarized letter with the other parent not going.

(Flight is really filling up, we may need to do some moving around. I believe you must be at least 15 years old to sit in the emergency exit row. If you are younger, we might have to have you try to switch with one of our team members that has a regular seat but you would need to pay them any additional charges.)

Ways to pay…

1. Check snail mailed to us. (Address at the bottom.)

2. Zelle on your bank app / online account “send” it to EncounterGodsPresence@gmail.com

3. PayPal – see below click on arrow to choose.

.Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.03.22 PM



NO fees for you or Encounter IF you choose to send it through PayPal with money that’s in your PayPal account or your bank account. Click on the above “NO fee” button (for donations or payments), enter our email, EncounterGodsPresence@gmail.com, and payment amount and than continue on to choose “Friends or Family” and follow the instructions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.05.00 PM

This option has a fee to send money using a credit card or debit card. The fee in the U.S. is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you send. For example, if you send $100.00 USD by credit card, the fee would be $3.20 USD ($2.90 + $0.30).

(PayPal states, “Here’s how this easier checkout works: 1. Customers enter their name and shipping address. 2. They’re prompted for their credit card, email address, and phone number. 3. (Optional) After reviewing their information, they may choose to save their information by creating a PayPal account to make future transactions faster.”)


When signed into your PayPal account, you would click on the Send tab choose “Send money to friends and family”.  Than enter in the amount and the email address, EncounterGodsPresence@gmail.com that you’re sending it to. Click on the “Personal” tab and choose “Gift”. Paypal assures the full amount will be given to Encounter God’s Presence. They should send you an email receipt of your payment shortly. Below links have fees included or you can send money for free without fees in a Personal transfer when transferring from only a Bank account or a Paypal account transfer. (There’s fees taken out if using a bank debit card or a credit card.)

***  PAYPAL   OPTION   (the below way has fees, 1st one above does not)  ***



Payment Schedule:

Space is limited so it’s first come, first serve.

Payments of $750 to EGP.

You can use Zelle through your bank, checks, and than if using PayPal there are some extra fees. (Facebook Messenger isn’t working for us right now.)


** Thurs. Nov. 15th – $100 non-refundable deposit per person & your Registration Form. (If PayPal, $4 fee added)

(If a new individual on your own… Application to Serve and also Character References.) 



**  Jan. 15th – $150 non-refundable payment (If PayPal, $6 fee added)



** By March 1st ideally, should buy airplane ticket on your own. We’ll prob. all get it from the same company. Email us your seat row & # for there and back please.

Get your own frequent flyer “AAdvantage Miles” but also please make sure you help EGP get their “Business Extra points” so put in our account # 947527



**  April 15th – $150 non-refundable payment 

(If PayPal, $6 fee added)



**  June 15th -$150 non-refundable payment (If PayPal, $6 fee added)

… $20 late fee after July 1st  (If PayPal, $6 fee added)


* * * * *   “Late Addition” fee $100 after July 1st   * * * * *   (If PayPal, $4 fee added)


**  Wed. July 3rd  – $200 non-refundable payment (If PayPal, $8 fee added)

… $20 late fee after Mon. July 8th (If PayPal, $8 fee added)


additional $30 late fee (totaling $55) after Wed. July 10th (If PayPal, $8 fee added)


***  PAYPAL   OPTION   (the below way has fees, 1st one above does not)  Click on the arrows for drop down options and than click on “Add to Cart” ***

JAMAICA deposit

(NOTE – There is an “exit TAX” (per person) like $40 that’s charged by the government, AA should include this in your airline ticket, they did the last few years to Jamaica and Belize.

We are wanting to bring school supplies for the less fortunate children in Jamaica. Each team member can buy them or recruit someone in the states that would want to “sponsor” a refugee child.


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(Past summer of 2018 Jamaica Mission’s Trip info below.)

Below is past year’s poster for camp in Jamaica.


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