Servant Leadership Conference every January

Join us Fri. January 27 & Sat. the 28, 2023.

Click above picture to find out more about Josh Lewis.

Paul & Yuri Huntington will be leading a workshop as well as helping with personal prophetic words.

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Heidi & the Encounter worship band will be leading us in some deep times of worship, we’ll be taught some great Biblical truths by Josh Lewis and Jason Williams of EGP. Paul & Yuri Huntington will help lead the prophetic ministry and leading one of the workshops. We will be times of personal ministry, getting into God’s Word, prophetic words & fellowship with some really good people.

Registration cost below. There will be a special luncheon on Sat. for everyone to be a part of, we will have different pastors & leaders for a unique Q&A Pastor’s Panel. (The lunch meal will be included in your registration.) 

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Regular price is $55. Early Bird is a special price of only $45 expires Dec. 15th! Sat. lunch included.

Pay options are – Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, check to “EGP” or cash.

If using debit/credit through The Square or if paying through PayPal add $4.

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Early bird by Wed. Dec. 15th, 2021 – individuals $45

After Dec. 15th – regular price is $55

After Fri. Jan. 7th – add $10 to the prices above

After Fri. Jan. 21st – $20 late fee

Group leader & spouse only $55

(Church groups of 5 or more)

Additional adults/youth with your group is $35 each.

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Check out a previous conference’s overview video below.


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