Servant Leadership Conference

Servant Leadership Conference will be January 8th & 9th 2021.

Last year’s conference was so great, we’ve invited all the same guests back again.

Details are being confirmed and will be announced very soon.


See our past 2020 Conference info below.

Servant Leadership Conference

Jan.  10th & 11th, 2020

Fri. 7pm – 10pm &  Sat. 9am – 2pm

Special guests: Will & Dehavilland Ford, Troy Brewer, Shannon & Amanda Pickard, Paul & Yuri Huntington, Jason & Heidi Williams and many great pastors. 

Registration Form 2020 (click here) 

Registration forms for conference (unlike camp & mission trips) can just be scanned or taken a pic of and than emailed.

SCHEDULE for 2020 Conf. (click here) 


See Will Ford on 700 Club and Pastor Troy Brewer on various tv shows & videos…

Pastor Troy Brewer on GodTV… 


Heidi & the Encounter worship band will be leading us in some deep times of worship, we’ll be taught some great Biblical truths by Will Ford, Pastor Troy Brewer and Jason Williams of EGP. Shannon & Amanda Pickard (a.k.a. Shan the Man) and Paul & Yuri will help lead the prophetic ministry.  So there will be times of personal ministry, getting into God’s Word, prophetic words & fellowship with some really good people.

There will be a special luncheon on Sat. for everyone to be a part of, we will have different pastors for a unique Q&A Pastor’s Panel. (The lunch meal will be included in your registration.) 

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Conference will be at OpenDoor Church in the 412 Room. If you need lodging, book yourself a nearby hotel room. (Below will be some hotel options.) 

OpenDoor is at 301 S. Dobson St, Burleson, TX 76028


Needing a hotel room? Here’s some hotel options. 

Many who live locally are just commuting back and forth but if you need a room book your own room directly with the hotel of your choice.

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Early bird by Dec. 20th, 2019 – individuals $55

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After Jan. 15th – $20 late fee

Group leader & spouse only $100

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Additional adults/youth with your group is $45 each.

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Check out a previous conference’s overview video below.


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Buy footage from past Servant Leadership Conference for only $25. The link will be emailed to you to have a variety of digital video footage. Clips will include the prophetic words from Paul & Yuri Huntington and Jeff & MK Chapman, sessions of Dr. Robb Brewer, Jason Williams & Shannon Pickard & times of worship with Heidi Williams & EGP worship band.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.16.36 PM


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Group leader letter about past events

*****     *****      *****      *****      *****      *****

Conference Testimonies from the past

Last year, we had sessions with worship, messages, prophetic words, and we were able to pray for, encourage and speak life into each other.

Audio Sessions from Past Conferences

Servant Leadership Retreats are for anyone (regardless if involved in youth ministry or not) hungry for more of God and what He has for them to do and to be. And then there’s Youth Pastors who bring any and all of their leadership. The weekend will focus on our relationships together and assist us to be better networked. Taking time to share what God has been showing each of us. A weekend to truly be refreshed. We need to give it all to Him and Acts 3:19 tells us, “times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” We pray that God would use this time to reignite you, and your team’s desire to continue going after the hearts of this generation for God’s Kingdom. Come by yourself if you have to or bring your spouse, youth workers or other key volunteers. 

So please also let us know if you would be interested in this and contact us.

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