Camp Registration & Details

Encounter God’s Presence is stoked to have our 11th Bible-based Spirit-filled summer camp on Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 1, 2022. A fun-filled week as we dig into God’s Word and seek our Father’s heart. We will as usual, be at the super nice university campus of S.A.G.U. in Waxahachie, Texas. Not long ago, some of S.A.G.U.’s dorms were rated one of top 10 rated dorms in the nation. This is for all junior high and high school students (some groups start with those as early as going into 6th grade or 12 years old and then to graduating 12th graders.)

Deposits of $50 per person (teenagers & adults) should be in by Fri. March 18th. So group leaders should be collecting these in advance before this date please. See “Camp Payments” button below for when payments are due and different ways you can pay. Individuals pay EGP directly but if you’re coming with a group, then the group leader/ church takes their individual’s payments to send to EGP. Everyone will receive a camp shirt, that’s included.

New church still looking for a camp? Any brand new church just finding out about E.G.P., relax we can work with you on getting an extension so you have some extra time to collect deposits and registration forms. Contact us to confirm there is enough space for your group as we’re getting close to maxing out.

Camp will again be at S.A.G.U. 1200 Sycamore St, Waxahachie, TX 75165

Youth groups will need to schedule arrival check-in time for that Mon. between 12 – 2pm. Individuals who will be with E.G.P. Student Ministries should arrive to meet by 2pm.  


Contact Us if you want more camp details and to confirm opens spots. We have a promo packet with posters, links to the online promo videos and a detailed letter to send your church.


 For housing, churches will typically be in 1 of the 5 dorms for their females and 1 of the 5 dorms for their males. Depending on where each of them are placed will determine if they are in a room that has two beds or a room that has three beds. (The first two below buttons are for 2by2 jack-n-jill style dorms. The 3 beds to a room should be sent in an email.)

MASKS? We are grateful for Governor Abbott lifting the face mask mandate back on March 2, 2021 and in turn SAGU clears EGP camp to be mask-free.  
Now any individual or group that would feel more comfortable wearing a mask, they are obviously free to do so. If someone does happen to get sick with fever, we will quarantine them and anybody that has been in close contact with them. Pray for God’s awesome protection. .

Here’s the Theme Days for Encounter God’s Presence camp 2022! These are optional so you can choose to join in or not. 
You can wear them for just a certain part of the day, while it can make the days funNER, it’s also how you get bonus points for the country you’ll be placed in (usually room mates are kept together) each day for the Spiritual Amazing Race competition. 
NOTE – Wed. is Superhero Day and can be a shirt or a costume. Thurs. is Tie-Dyed shirt day. We’ll be making a special EGP tie-dyed order form in the next week or two for those that may want to pre-order from a wide selection of cool shirts if they happen to want an EGP tie-dye. (Or wear one you already have.) Promo video coming soon to give ya more details on our Theme Days.

Relive past EGP Camps by getting all the footage…

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Check out the below overview of one of our past camps!


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