Camp Registration & Details for Texas !!!

Encounter God’s Presence is stoked to have our 10th Spirit-filled summer camp on Monday, June 28 to Friday, July 2. We will be at the super nice university campus of S.A.G.U. in Waxahachie, Texas. Not long ago, S.A.G.U. was rated one of top 10 rated dorms in the nation. This is for all junior high and high school students (some groups start with those going into 6th grade or 12 years old and others are 7th grade to graduating 12th graders.)

MASKS? We are grateful for Governor Abbott lifting the face mask mandate on March 2 and in turn SAGU has cleared EGP camp to be mask-free.  
Now any individual or group that would feel more comfortable wearing a mask are obviously free to do so. If someone does happen to get sick with fever, we will quarantine them and anybody they have been in close contact with them. 

NOTE – Everyone still needs to sign “Safety Precautions Form” along with the camp registration form.

Below is one of our previous camp posters. Current Covid issues have us reworking on current speakers & guests.

Youth groups will need to schedule arrival check-in time for that Mon. between 1 – 2:30pm. Individuals who will be with E.G.P. Student Ministries should arrive at 2:30pm.  

Contact Us if you want more camp details and to confirm opens spots. We have a promo packet with posters, links to the online promo videos and a detailed letter to send your church.

Want to order a unique EGP tie-dye? You can pre-purchase one by MIDNIGHT Thurs. June 10th. Details are at this link right here. There may be a couple of tie-dye options at camp along with all the other cool EGP merch. Note – Theme Days are not mandatory but if you want to join in, they will help get your country extra points in the daily competitions.

Check out the below overview of one of our past camps!

Relive past EGP Camps by getting all the footage…