Yucatan Mexico Mission Trip

Need to get a passport or renew yours? Do it now. They told me as long as you do it by June 15th, you’ll be good for our trip but you would need to schedule an appointment asap because those fill up. You’ll want to pay to have it expedited just to be safe please. (There’s even situations that if you can get an appointment at the Dallas office they can do it there and when you can prove your trip is within 14 days.)

Click HERE for helpful Passport details


NOTE – There’s 3 required Prep & Prayer meetings on Sun. May 22, Sun. June 12 & Sun. July 17, all from 6-8:30pm. (If you’re not local /out of state, make sure to request the training videos.)

Check back frequently, as we are adding more as details for this trip continue to develop.


Mission Trip flying to Yucatán, Mexico

Sat. July 23d – Fri. July 29th, 2022.

Yucatán Peninsula is in the southeast part of Mexico. We will be flying in and staying at a hotel and then working with a Christian ministry in Cancun. Just a few miles past the tourist locations are people that are overlooked and in great need. We want to help and minister the love of Jesus to them.

We know a family with children from Pennsylvania that have lived at this Christian ministry and have been hosting numerous groups for over 14 years and have never had any safety concerns and have seen great success ministry there.

We will be doing outreaches and VBS for the children of Mexico. There is a poverty stricken Mexican family that needs better living conditions and we want to play a part in that by paying for and by pouring the concrete foundation for their home.

Be a part of this team where we’ll also be performing dramas, leading worship, praying for many and putting on Encounter Nights. Supplies will be gathered for the many that are in need.

You can be the hands and feet of Jesus and be a part of reaching the lost.

After a week of ministry, we’ll wrap things up by celebrating God’s creation on the beautiful Caribbean beach and snorkeling with the amazing fishes.  

It should be about $1,500 to $1,650 before you add meals and excursions. Total cost depending on your flight & how thrifty you are with your meals and if you do excursions could be anywhere from $1,600 to $1,950. (There’s an option for a fun day of taking the ferry to Isla Mujeres for special snorkel boat tour. We may have some that choose not to do the snorkel tour and just shop around the island, which can also be a way to save money.)

Breakdown is …

1. Flight – Limited plane tickets special for $537 info. below. You’ll buy through EGP. Otherwise averaging $600 – $800. You’ll book & pay your regular rate flight directly on your own. (Flights on old trip St. Croix, VI were at times up to $1,000.)

2. Hotel, all gas & transportation, day to island – You’ll pay EGP $850 to cover these.

3. All meals & snacks – bring that $100 to $200 with you (card or cash) Our Hotel Breakfast buffet is only $6. See other meal options for when we’re at hotel (prices in pesos) see menu here. Meals when we’re out average about $10. If you are looking for the cheapest option and want to save money you could also bring granola bars and protein bars in place of some meals or just order cheaper food FYI.

When we visit Isla Mujeres and it’s beach

surrounded with beautiful turquoise water, you can choose to shop and go on a snorkel tour & explore the sea-life.

If you want to do even more, there may be time to choose from one of the extra excursion options if we could get some groups interested. Their prices are estimates & may change, like swimming with the dolphins (est. $72 to $140) or even the chance for day on a boat for a quick snorkel with the ginormous whale sharks (est. $200). See video below of them.


We’re flying out Sat. July 23rd (instead of July 22nd when it was to St. Croix) and returning on Sat. July 29th. The flights are averaging about $600 to $700 but we have a secured a limited amount for only $537! Email Jason if you want to secure this special discount!  Check current regular rate on the FLIGHTS 

They have ended the Covid testing to reenter the U.S. Thank You Jesus.



See one way that families are being helped there…

See in the video below, how you can snorkel with some docile whale sharks.

Here’s a video someone made that shows Isla Mujeres, where we plan to visit one day.