Cedar Creek Christmas /East Texas Mission Trip Schedule

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Last year’s details…

Tentative Schedule Dec. 2021

Subject to change via The Holy Spirit!

Most of the team will prob. be staying the night at Holiday Inn.

(May be the one in Lindale, TX.)

* Sat. morning – Most are leaving about 9am and traveling to meet at our location in East Texas for Cedar Creek Lake Christmas. From Burleson, it’s about 2 hour drive time, plus stops.

* Gas stop/snacks / Lunch (need $)

* Arrive in East Texas for Cedar Creek Lake Christmas

* Dinner (need $)

Leave about 10 or 10:30pm

* Late night snack/meal if needed. Go to hotel

* Sun. breakfast included at hotel

* Plans to be determined (possible in Tyler, Longview or Kilgore)

* Sun. lunch 

* Head back, gas/snack. Return to DFW about 4pm. (Some may need to leave earlier to get back sooner.)