Mission Houston – EGP Weekend

Let’s plan a Mission Trip to Houston for your group or join the annual trip each October. We have been leading these mission trip for numerous years and ask God what He has for us each year.

Trips can be 3 days/ 2 nights – $125 plus some meals or longer options if requested.


This Mission Houston is a great opportunity to make a difference by serving & ministering to the people in the community sharing our Father’s heart. Each mission trip can involve different outreaches.

For Mission Houston, we actually stay in Hungerford. We have grown to love the people there and those in Houston and all the different outreaches opportunities. There are fun ways to love on the kids, whether it’s passing out free gifts, giving out candy, making balloon animals, being a clown, sharing your testimony lots always to share God’s heart. We’ll also be doing a service project, demonstrating God’s love in a practical way. And putting on a youth rally with worship, prayer areas, message of God’s Word, ministry and also leading a main adult service.  

 3 days / 2 nights trip cost $125 per person.

Cost covers 2 nights lodging, meals at the base, outreach costs & supplies. You need to bring money for travel & some other meals. Let us know if you’re available to bring your vehicle or you’re hoping to chip in for gas and ride with someone in our caravan.

Let us know if you, your church group, or ministry is interested in being a part of this.      

Individual adults & young adults new to EGP (that we do not know) that are not coming with a church group are invited to fill out an application, background check & provide character references.

Youth groups with their youth pastor can join up. (Individual teenagers joining may need to have at least one adult leader coming with them.) We will want to be prayed up so we can truly impact these people with the truth and love of Jesus. 

Contact us asap if you’re interested in joining in on this trip or in putting a group together for another mission’s trip.

For teenagers missing school days, let us know if you need a letter to give to the school for an exemption for day(s) missed due to a Christian mission’s trip.)

NOTE:  Teenagers not coming with a church group may need to have a parent be a part of this trip depending on how many servant leaders (youth workers) are able to help.

Parents (with EGP approval) can bring their kids as we believe in family ministry.


Note – Directions below.

Steps to be a part of this mission trip…

1st Step – Send a Facebook message or email us that you’re interested in being a part of the mission trip team at EncounterGodsPresence@gmail.com 

2nd Step – Turn in registration form with non-refundable $50 deposits 2 months before trip. You can pay through the different apps or mail a check made out to “EGP” if time allows. (If some reason the application is not approved, deposit will be returned).

Next is the non-refundable $75 payment due one month before trip, $25 late fee if only 3 weeks before, another $25 late fee if only 2 weeks before. 

Be praying for your funds and other team member’s needed funds.

3rd Step –  You will then send in a copy by scanning or taking a picture of this filled out page…  “A Little About You – ways to help.”

4th Step – Collect canned goods please. (See needed list below.)


Extra Step – Unless you are a return mission trip team member or you have been involved as an EGP volunteer before, you need to print and fill out an application and have others fill out the Christian Character Evaluation.




We’re doing another Mission Trip back to Yucatán Mexico in July. Need adults and youth regardless of your “skill set” to help.  More click here for info.



Some past videos and past trip’s info…







Help Houston !!!

Go Serve or Send Funds!

Encounter God’s Presence ministry is gathering a team to go down again to help those in the Houston area, in the town of Wharton/ Hungerford.

We’ll be giving practical physical help along with putting on a E.G.P. youth rally to encourage the teenagers there on Sat. night and then leading a Sun. morning service (worship & multi-media message) for a local body of believers.

If you would like to volunteer to help or give (tax-deductible) towards our mission trip there please send us a Facebook Message or email for more details.

If you can’t get away yourself but can help sponsor someone who can but just needs help financially please send us a Facebook Message or email.

Again to volunteer to help or give towards our mission trip there please send us a Private Message for more details.

Please be praying for all of those affected by wants happened and what may continue this next week.

For His glory,

Jason & Heidi Williams







Map & Directions