Youth & Young Adult Spring Break Retreat

This event for teenagers (12-18 yrs) and young adults (17-30 yrs). Fri. night 8pm and most leave after lunch Sun. Note – we understand some may need to leave early to cover their responsibilities on Sunday morning. Those who have school on that Friday, can turn in our letter to their schools that should get them an excused absence due to a “religious event”.

See some zip-lining action in one of our past promo videos. Adding zip lining should be like $22 extra.

You can see some of the zip lining from our past video below.

Check out the overview video of a past Spring Break Retreat below.

Overview video for Spring Break Retreat will be fixed and up soon. Please check back later.

Overview video will be back up soon. There are many pictures you can check out just click on the “Retreat pics & videos” button below.

Youth groups find out from your youth pastors when your church meets up and returns for the Spring Break Retreat. (Many arrive at Mt. Lebanon Fri. around 4pm and leave there Sun. around 3pm.) Our main sessions will be here at Patton Chapel at Mt. Lebanon 1701 Texas Plume Road, Cedar Hill, Texas 75104.

Please check with your youth pastors or group leader for your meeting times.

Non-transferable: All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Note – We’re checking with Mt. Lebanon to see if they will be offering the zip-lining option this year.



Pay options are… Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, check to “EGP” or cash.

If using debit/credit through The Square or if paying through PayPal extra to cover fees.

Below are a variety of ways for you to make your non-refundable payments. 

** Venmo app (QR Code here)

** The Cash app (QR Code here)

** Zelle on your bank app / online account “send” it to

** Check – You could send us a picture of front and back of your check via email or text (or send it snail mail.) Made out “EGP”.

** PayPal options below. (Some have extra PP fees. You do not have to have a PayPal account if you’re using with a credit or debit card. Extra to cover fees).

Mt. Lebanon