Paul & Yuri Huntington

Paul & Yuri Huntington are a powerhouse couple for the Kingdom of God and serve on the E.G.P. Board. Pastor Paul is the senior pastor of Transition Church, an online ministry. Paul being a black man from Sri Lanka has seen God use that to open unique doors for ministry. He has a powerful prophetic gifting that challenges to help people find their true identity in Christ. Yuri from Mexico has a passion to see people fall in love with God. She loves to share God’s truth and has so much to offer the Body of Christ. Yuri Huntington, M.A has her Master of Arts – Human Service, Bachelor of Arts Psychology and is a Certified Life Coach. Paul studied Biblical theology while attending Christ for the Nations. Paul has served in the United States Air Force as Tactical Air Support Party. He then re-classed into his final job as Public Health Technician. After his term of service, he was honorably discharged and is currently a Disabled Veteran of the United States. Prior to his release from the Air Force, he established Reality Invasion Bootcamp, for troubled youth, where he served as CEO and Chief Drill Instructor. With the help of several volunteers and dedication from many drill instructors, many homes have been dramatically impacted and the lives of those involved have changed. With lessons on structure and discipline, which were taught in the bootcamp program, growth and success were brought upon the students and family members.


Check out Paul & Jermaine rap at Encounter God’s Presence camp below.