Individuals w/o Youth Group

Each year we have many individuals wanting to come to camp that is not coming with a youth group, please follow these below instructions to apply for registration. Need to hurry, as spots are first come, first served.

This option is for teenagers 13 to 18. Now while those coming with a youth group can be a graduated 5th grader going into 6th grade or 12 years old it is a little different for those coming just as an individual. By the time of camp, individuals need to be graduated from 6th grade or 13 years old and can be up to a graduating senior. Individuals would be placed in the “E.G.P. Student Ministries” group that’s led by E.G.P. servant leaders. Those graduated can ask their church about possibly helping to serve as a helper with their group. If you’re 18 or older and your church is not coming, then you can contact E.G.P. to apply to be considered to be an adult volunteer. (Adults and teenagers pay the same price.)


Along with the camp registration form and evaluation form below please email a casual profile picture of your teenager so the leaders can begin to learn names and faces as they are praying over the young people.

Now if the individual is already known by the leadership, they do not need to have an evaluation filled out but just go straight to following everything back on the main camp page. For example, filling out our regular camp registration form, making the camp deposit directly to E.G.P., following the schedule for camp payments and such. Make sure and arrive to S.A.G.U. on Monday, by 1:45pm for your 2pm orientation since you need to be in the orientation meeting around then please. (You should be picked up at camp on that Friday at 10am, after room is checked and key is returned. Note – they charge a fee for lost keys.)

Registration Form – once printed and filled out, can be mailed to the address at the bottom of the page. Or it can emailed to email address below but form needs to be scanned or pictures must be clear and bright without any dark shadows on the pages.

If individuals are not already known by E.G.P. leadership, they first need to apply by having someone fill out one of the two evaluations (of your choice) below.

1. Evaluation filled out by spiritual leader (form here)

2. Evaluation filled out by adult at your school (form here)