Kid’s Camp Details

Have you ever heard the old saying, “There ain’t no junior Holy Spirit”? Well we believe children can have a real relationship with God, seek His face wholeheartedly in worship and begin to learn & understand His Word. We have a heart to see these young ones walk in what God has for them now and have to not wait until they get older. So after 11 years of leading youth camps for teenagers, we kicked off our first camp for kids last year to add to the summer!

Kid’s camp is geared towards those who will be going into the next school year as 3rd graders to those graduating 6th graders (typically 8 to 12 years old.) And since churches may differ with what grades their children’s church ends and what grade their youth group begins, your graduating 6th graders can attend both kid’s camp and youth camp if you like. And you can use mature trusted teenagers as “junior leaders” who we refer to as “student servant leaders” that along with the adults you bring to help supervise your group of kids.

There is a healthy balance where we can have fun, high-energy times with engaging props for multi-media message illustrations instead of just trying to stir up an emotional “camp high” but cultivating true lasting fruit that comes from God.

The camp will help the kids overcome fears and anxiety while they find their identity more and more in Jesus while growing in a deeper relationship with God. We realize the value to learn the Bible in fun ways, know how to walk in the fruit of The Spirit along with understanding the gifts of The Holy Spirit which is too often neglected with children.

One of main speakers for kid’s camp is amazingly talented, he was a professional clown that travelled with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. He also was a Ronald McDonald clown for years. We’ve had him minister at youth camp and on some of our mission trips (in the US and overseas). He really keeps the attention of the young & the old with his unique creativity while sharing deep Biblical truths.

Learning to hear their Heavenly Father is so important. We’ll have ministry time where our team shares some personal prophetic words.

Camp will have a wide variety of fun activities and crafts for the kids. There will be cool merch and snacks to buy. Oh and everyone gets a kid’s camp shirt included by the way. 🙂

EGP is a great discovery camp where kids can find out new things about God and what He’s created them to walk out for their destiny. The kids will have the opportunity to learn about kids their age and their families around the world that are facing persecution for loving Jesus. Along with a time of praying and writing letters to Christians in prison in different countries. (Hebrews 13:3)

This is just a little about Encounter God’s Presence Kid’s Camp.