Rooming at Youth Camp

For youth camp, these campus college dorm rooms have twin size beds. Be sure to bring your own bedding. (Or if you’re picky you could even bring your own blow-up mattress instead.)

WARNING – Do not send in your rooming lists until you have been given your dorm room style assignments. It is usually done about 1 month out from camp. (This helps preventing numerous changes.) Update – For camp 2023, we are all in Teeter & Bridges dorms (both have elevators) and both have jack-n-jill rooms.

For housing, churches will decide who will room together. (There is a rare chance if there’s an unoccupied room that, that one room may share the restroom with another room from another church.) When working on rooming assignments you may would like to refer to individual’s registration forms to see some of the people they requested to room with. Don’t feel obligated to put people together just because they asked for it. Please use wisdom and discernment on who you room together.

(The two below buttons are for the 2×2 jack-n-jill style dorms. These should be for Teeter dorm and Bridges dorm.)

Instructions for Rooming Assignments –

1. Each group follows their own church’s policy if an adult is required in each room or if no adults are allowed in minor’s rooms. (Some have needed to bring an air mattress or pull a mattress off a bed to put an adult on the floor for that room’s supervision.)

2. Use female’s forms to list out rooming for all your females. (And the male’s form for all your males.) Try not to leave any empty spots unnecessarily please.

3. List first and last names.

4. Type in bold and put an asterix (*) before each adult’s name.