Mission Trip to St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Join us on our mission trip to St. Croix, Virgin Islands this summer. Many go to this island to vacation but just a few miles from these tourist spots there are many overlooked people that are in need of much help. In some ways it’s like a 3rd world country. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the local islanders through outreaches, youth rallies and bringing supplies to the orphanage and families in need. There are also work projects where we can really help a couple of the local churches. This amazing opportunity is for young adults, adults and youth groups and entire families. Attention youth groups – We would love for your group to be a part of our youth summer camp and also this mission trip. This would take believing for enough finances through prayer, fundraisers and maybe even sponsors from within your church and/or community to be able to do both.

For this mission trip, you do NOT need a passport since the Virgin Islands are an actual territory of the United States! And they are not requiring the Covid test when returning back to Texas (only when leaving Texas within 5 days of travel.) That is why we had to decide not to try to take a team to the Yucatan, Mexico trip this summer, we could not risk anyone getting “stuck” over there. For a little more explanation on why we are not going to the Yucatan, click here.

Be a part of this team where we plan to help meet some practical needs, perform dramas, lead worship, share God’s truth, and praying for many and/or you would rather just serve and help with the work projects helping with painting or other whatever else needs help.

After a week of serving and ministry, we’ll wrap things up by enjoying God’s creation on the beautiful Caribbean beach and snorkeling with the amazing sea life.  

The trip should cost between $1,750 to $1,950, what you end up getting your flight for is one of the main factors. You can click on the “Payments” button below for payment deadlines. At the very bottom is a rough estimate breakdown of what the cost may look like.

Mark your calendar – our 3 Prep meetings will be Sundays 6-8:30pm on May 16 (new date), June 13 & July 11.

1. Meals – average $35 a day. (You would bring $/card for that with you to pay there.) Will estimate about $235

2. Hotel rooms, supplies, all transportation to and from airport and all our traveling for the week – $865 to EGP

So far both of those come to $1,100

3. Flight – (The usual price is $890, so the sooner you book can help you get it lower then that. Check here to see current price for one seat, more seats together can require the higher price seats. Overall averages could end up being $770 to over $1,200. Flights can really fluctuate, gas prices could go up more, and with Texas mask wearing mandates lifted, many people are getting Covid vaccines alot of people could start traveling more. It could increase prices as we get closer and plane fill up and go up to even $1,200, so purchase the exact flights we have listed as soon as you are able to, by March is ideal. If the above flight books up or skyrockets again up to over $1,100 or more than another option is choosing return flight that gets back really late… at 12:30 in the morning, in order to save money see here for that flight. Click here to see flight price history. See “Flight to Purchase” button option below for details.)

If you can get your flight for as low as say $700 then your trip is looking at about $1,800 so far.

Optional additional costs could be…

4. Then in addition, we are checking prices on a great beach to hang out at and maybe even snorkel off of. Some are ranked in the top 10 beaches in the world! We will be surrounded by the beautiful turquoise water, groups will choose to shop, relax on the beach and/or snorkel. Hope that’s a nominal fee for that beach entrance.

5. You can choose to join the group of us doing a special excursion that’s taking a day tour to visit the famous Buck Island to snorkel the underwater reef trail to explore the sea-life. That should cost around $105 or so.

NOTE – The 3 Prep meetings will be Sundays 6-8:30pm on May 16 (new date), June 13 & July 11.