Youth Camp Payments & Donations…

CAMP payment amounts and deadlines are listed below. Youth camp & then Kid’s camp at very bottom.

Always note on payments who it’s for and if it’s for kid’s camp, youth camp, mission trip, etc please. If you’re coming with a church group, you make payments to your church and they pay EGP.

Youth Groups & Kid’s Groups – each church collects forms & payments and then the church pays E.G.P. (See the different ways to pay below below.)

Individual Teenagers – If you are coming to camp as an individual without a youth group, you will be placed in the E.G.P. Student Ministries group at youth camp. (Send payment through one of the options listed below.)

Ways to make a payment or donation…

Always note on payments who it’s for and if it’s for kid’s camp, youth camp, mission trip, etc please. If coming with a church group, you make payments to your church and they pay EGP.

1.  Mail checks to E.G.P. at

Encounter God’s Presence  1169 N. Burleson Blvd., Suite 107 #316, Burleson, TX 76028  

2. Use “Zelle” on your bank app (has no fees) for a direct bank transfer to E.G.P.’s bank account just “send” it to   

3. Venmo App Click image for details.

4. Use “Cash App” (has no fees). If you’ve never used it, please use this code so we both get a $5 referral bonus after you use it.

If you’re not on your phone just copy & paste this … into an email to yourself so you can click on it from your phone. Click image for details.

5. PayPal options are at bottom. (Note – some have fees.)

Your church/group may need to charge your people some extra for any travel & other expenses. Camp shirts are included. $50 deposits will be due by Fri., Feb. 16th, 2024 but please understand spots are on a… First come, First served basis. Churches usually “front” money to hold spots in advance for their group. In other words, don’t wait till all your people turn in their forms and their deposits, otherwise there’s usually a few that could hold up your whole group. For example, you’re looking to bring a group of 25 people, don’t wait but go ahead send deposits for 25 and collect any of the procrastinator’s forms & money afterwards.

We have tried to push payment due dates as far back as possible this year to give churches more time so please try to follow these guidelines.  

* After Friday, March 22nd – Regular Rate / early bird ended $70 deposit per person.

Note – Any individual’s deposit after Fri. March 22nd is $20 more than early bird

. . .

* Friday, April 12th – $150 payment (non-refundable) Please confirm everything is filled out on all registration forms BEFORE making a set of copies to keep and then mail a set to us please. Encounter God’s Presence 1169 N. Burleson Blvd., Suite 107 #316, Burleson, TX 76028  

* You should email us the list of shirt sizes and also email male/female ratio of group (youth & adults.)

. . .

* Friday, May 17th – $115 final payment (non-refundable.) (Regular camp total after this is $20 more than Early Bird price. Details below.)

* Friday, May 17th – EMAIL using forms for room assignments. Confirm FIRST if they will be for Jack-n-Jill style rooms (2 x 2) or another set up.

* Friday, May 17th – Training and Background Checks All adults need to have gone through Sexual Abuse Awareness Training before camp by May 17. Background checks on everyone 18 and older need to be run and email EGP list of leaders and confirming both has been done. NOTE – Bring copies of everyone’s training certificates and also background checks to camp to turn in at registration please.

* Friday, May 17th – Send payments for any Tie-Dye or special order merch 


Late fees:
All churches should send in their final payment for their group by Friday, May 17th. (So you would probably want your camper’s last payment due to you by Wednesday, May 17th.)
Any additional or remaining payments mailed after Friday, June 2nd should have a $20 late fee included per individual. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

** Youth groups need to schedule arrival check-in time for Mon. between 12 – 2:30pm. Please email us your requested arrival time. Individuals who will be with E.G.P. Student Ministries should arrive by 2pm, gather at 2:15pm for our meeting at 2:30pm.  Note – dinner is the fist meal on campus.

. . .

Contact Us if you want more camp details and to confirm opens spots. We have links to the online promo videos, graphics and a detailed email for your church.







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If you are looking for how much to donate to sponsor someone for an event, please click on these…

youth summer camp, Houston Mission trip, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands Mission Trip or Servant Leadership Conference.

NO fees for you or Encounter IF you choose to send it through Paypal with money that’s in your PayPal account or your bank account. Click on this “NO fee” button, enter our email,, and donation amount and than continue on to choose “Friends or Family” and follow the instructions.

This option has a fee to send money (monthly option) using a credit card or debit card. The fee in the U.S. is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you send. For example, if you send $100.00 USD by credit card, the fee would be $3.20 USD ($2.90 + $0.30).(PayPal states, “Here’s how this easier checkout works: 1. Customers enter their name and shipping address. 2. They’re prompted for their credit card, email address, and phone number. 3. (Optional) After reviewing their information, they may choose to save their information by creating a PayPal account to make future transactions faster.”)When signed into your PayPal account, you would click on the Send tab choose “Send money to friends and family”.  Than enter in the amount and the email address, that you’re sending it to. Click on the “Personal” tab and choose “Gift”. Paypal assures the full amount will be given to Encounter God’s Presence. They should send you an email receipt of your donation shortly. Below links have fees included or you can send money for free without fees in a Personal transfer when transferring from only a Bank account or a Paypal account transfer. (There’s fees taken out if using a bank debit card or a credit card.)

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